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Product Overview

Cutting Edge Product Overview

Providing Secure Network Storage for Mission Critical Applications

  Power Saving Cloud Archive

  Modular NAS & iSCSI SAN Solutions

  Rugged Field Application Solutions

  Custom Storage Solutions

  EdgeWare 64-bit NAS/iSCSI OS

  EdgeWare AVA NAS

  Integrated DAS and iSCSI Solutions

The ISS is powered by Cutting Edge's 3rd generation field proven EdgeWare, a fully integrated 64-bit storage operating system that provides a storage centric, easy-to-use and easy-to-support, heterogeneous network file system. EdgeWare offers complete NAS/iSCSI functionality and same time use in a single operating system, coupled with best-in class performance, versatility and security for SAN, LAN and WAN applications.

EdgeWare's feature rich set includes built-in remote replication for disk-to-disk/-to-tape/-to-USB backup, mirroring, multiple snapshot capability, iSCSI target, IP Failover, web-based management, RAID 6 suport and built-in security features that make it a strong alternative to expensive Fibre Channel connectivity, with comparable features and performance.

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