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Mobile Data Acquisition and Recovery Data Center (m-DAR DC)

Cutting Edge's m-DAR DC is designed for government, military and high-availability field applications.

Cutting Edge's m-DAR DC is a powerful network computer creating a forensics data storage system that facilitates forensic analysis by providing immediate massive onsite data storage capacity. The m-DAR's shock mounted mobile design allows the unit to be shipment-ready in less than five minutes with no external packaging needed.

The benefits of the Cutting Edge m-DAR DC include ease of deployment, ease of use, ease of management, and reduced overall requirements for IT resources. The tight integration of hardware and software addresses issues of compatibility and interoperability, and also eliminates the need for wasteful, repetitive procedures, and is ideally suited for mission critical government applications.

Designed for Extreme Enivronments

For rugged transportability, the m-DAR DC is suspended in a shock resistant self shipping module with removable casters for ease of site mobility. A shock resistant, ruggedized aluminum case houses the internal electronics and devices, with all components being shock mounted. When closed, the m-DAR is airtight, and includes a pressure relief valve and gasketing hardware.

Versatile Field Proven Operation

The field proven m-DAR DC is essential for commercial field events that require mobile networks.

The m-DAR DC is ideal for transport to trade shows, exhibitions, and road shows. Nothing can be worse than having your equipment fail in the middle of a demonstration or performance. Further, shipping to domestic and international trade shows and exhibitions without a backup plan can be devastating in both time and money. M-DAR is the perfect answer to make sure your equipment arrives safe and in operational order.

With the m-DAR DC, the scientific community can store and run test metrics in laboratories, and the military can use the m-DAR DC as a mobile command post in the battlefield, whether in an urban jungle or on foreign soil.

Enterprise corporations in need of disaster recovery or business continuance operations can fully take advantage of the m-DAR's extensive high availability capabilities as well.

Whether your needs are commercial or for national defense, Cutting Edge's m-DAR DC offers a field proven, complete integrated solution that meets unique environmental and operational requirements. When you absolutely must have the best transportable data center, guaranteed to work and built to last think m-DAR DC.

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